Tips For Creating Infographics

In one of my public relations classes, we were given an infographic assignment. Infographics can be useful when you want to display complicated information (e.g., statistics) in a visually appealing manner in order to tell a story. For the assignment, I created an infographic for my “client,” Insomniac Events. (This infographic was created for academic purposes only.)

I got the idea for the infographic while I was reading an economic impact report for Insomniac’s premier event, Electric Daisy Carnival. Although the report contained valuable information about  the economic benefits of Electric Daisy Carnival, it was difficult to absorb because it was so wordy. I decided to create an infographic in order to better portray the economic benefits of Electric Daisy Carnival in hopes of garnering public support for the event.

Five tips for constructing an infographic

  1. Plan it out on paper first: It may be daunting if you go directly to InDesign to start your design once you develop the idea. Instead, draw a mock-up on a sheet of paper to help get a better idea of how you want to lay out your design.
  2. Keep it simple: If you try and make your design too complicated, then you will end up with an flawed, unorganized design.
  3. Take your time: If you try and rush while constructing your infographic, the final product will suffer. It can be beneficial if you have enough time to take a break from your design and come back to it because then you can look at your work with “new eyes.”
  4. Choose correlated information: You want all of the information on your infographic to fit together and be relevant to the message that you are trying to portray.
  5. Tell a story: Use your tools and creativity to transform the information in your infographic into a story that illustrates the significance of the information. Your infographic should paint a picture of what the information truly means. 

 Please view my infographic below.

By tyacobucci

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